In 1973 we bean hauling industrial waste from Great Lakes Steel Blast Furnace Division on Zug Island with only one truck.

Since then, we have hauled just about every kind of industrial products and by-products that move between steel mills, foundries, scrap yards, landfills and end users.These materials include coal, foundry coke, iron ore, slag,scrap steel and all types of aggregates for the construction industry.

We currently have 21 power units and 55 trailers. Most of our trailers are custom built, high cube, “super” trains, which enableus to haul both high density and low density material. We operate in the area covering all points in southern lower Michigan.

In addition, we are permitted to haul Michigan legal weights to all points in the Toledo Port area and designated haul routes to and from the Delta Steel complex in Ohio. We are currently committed to the larger scrap yards in southern lower Michigan and Toledo, hauling both fragmented steel to the steel mills and the auto fluff they produce to various landfills.